Protect your Investment and Preserve your Style with a Clear Bra!

Don’t lose your car’s beautiful paint job to the elements!


Protect your Investment and Preserve your Style with a Clear Bra!

Don’t lose your car’s beautiful paint job to the elements!

    Window Replacement Needed:


    Get Your Windows Tinted by Experienced Professionals in Centennial and Parker

    We will give your auto glass and tail lights the perfect tint!

      Window Replacement Needed:

      Hidden Benefits of Window Tinting?

      Window tinting is a stylish way for you to personalize your car or truck. At Right Choice Auto Glass & Tint, we offer premium installation services so that you can take advantage of all the benefits that come from tinting your auto glass.

      You’ll find that there are a number of benefits to tinting the windows of your car or truck. With quality window film, you can look forward to:

      • Less sun entering your vehicle
      • Fewer harmful UV rays
      • Privacy
      • Premium aesthetics

      When you’re in Colorado, you may spend a lot of time on the roads – and when the sun is beating down, it can add quite a bit of heat to the interior of your vehicle.

      The moment you add window tints, you can refract some of that sunlight. You won’t have so much of the heat entering your vehicle. It can make it more comfortable to go for a leisurely drive – and your vehicle’s air conditioning system won’t have to work as hard.

      The right window tint can also cut down on the UV and infrared rays that enter the vehicle. This is important for health reasons as you won’t have to worry about being sunburnt. It can also protect you from added sun exposure that could lead to skin cancer.

      Too much UV entering your vehicle isn’t good for the interior, either. Leather can dry out, the dashboard can dry out, and the fabric can fade. Over time, the interior of your car can age dramatically simply by being exposed to the sun on a daily basis.

      Even beyond what the sun can do, you’ll want to look at how it darkens the windows. This will add a significant amount of privacy when you’re driving down the road and when you’re parked in parking lots. You can have your kids in the backseat without everyone being able to see them. If you have to run into the store and leave something valuable in the back, people passing by are less likely to see – and that can serve as a great deterrent from having to worry about break-ins.

      Finally, there’s the aesthetic. There’s a reason more and more vehicles on the road have window film – it looks good. The darker windows add a sense of mystery. Depending on the exterior color of your car, certain tint levels may look better than others. And when you work with us, we can recommend a particular tint when you bring your vehicle into our shop.

      How Does The Application Process Work?

      Before we start applying the car window tinting, we’ll talk to you about the level of tint. The tint is based on percentages – the lower the tint percentage, the darker it is. This identifies how much sunlight is going to penetrate the window film.

      Often, it’s better to go with a darker tint in the back than in the front. The reason for this is privacy – though you can also choose to go with the same level of tint throughout the entire vehicle. It’s simply a matter of preference.

      The window tinting process is straightforward – and we work in a dust and wind-free space to ensure that there will be no dirt particles between your window and the film. The film is applied to the inside of the window so that it’s more durable – otherwise, all of the outside elements could nick the film over time.

      We’ll wash the inside of your windows with soap and water to get rid of all of the debris. Then, we’ll measure the windows and cut pieces of film that will fit properly. We will ensure that the film fits the natural contour of your windows. After that, we’ll use a heat gun so that the film heat shrinks to the glass. A release liner will be removed and our installers will use a squeegee to remove any excess solution as well as any added adhesive that may be present.

      Once we’re done, we’ll provide you with some care instructions – including making sure that you don’t open the windows during the time it will take the film to cure.

      How Wow Take Care Of Window Tints At RIGHT CHOICE AUTO GLASS & TINT

      At Right Choice Auto Glass, we are conveniently located in Centennial, Colorado. We pride ourselves on the high-quality services that we offer, and part of this involves choosing a premium window tint to use.

      Regardless of whether you want a light or dark tint, we’ll use the Rayno Brand because they are the best in the business. This window film offers a wide array of health benefits – and has been tested to cut the Total Solar Energy Rejected (TSER) by up to 60%. Additionally, you can cut the harmful UV and infrared rays dramatically in comparison to other window films on the market.

      Once you have driven a vehicle with proper window tint, you’ll notice the various benefits. With our window tint visualizer, you can even see what window tint will look like on the make and model of your vehicle.

      When you’re ready to get a quote, contact us! You’ll see why so many people throughout Centennial and the surrounding towns choose us for premium, affordable window tinting.