Protect your Investment and Preserve your Style with a Clear Bra!

Don’t lose your car’s beautiful paint job to the elements!


Protect your Investment and Preserve your Style with a Clear Bra!

Don’t lose your car’s beautiful paint job to the elements!

    Window Replacement Needed:


    We offer vinyl wrapping for your car or truck in Colorado!

    Customize your vehicle to make it stand out and protect it at the same time.

      Window Replacement Needed:

      What is a Vinyl Wrap?

      A vinyl wrap is a way to enhance all or part of your vehicle. Vinyl is applied to the surface in order to cover the existing paint. You can choose to cover the entire vehicle with vinyl of a different color or coordinate with the existing paint to create a fun and unique design.

      Not all wraps are the same – the materials and the technique can vary. It’s why it’s so important to work with professionals.

      When a vehicle wrap is done right, many people will assume that you’ve had a custom paint job. Only, it’s more affordable and there are more customization options for you to explore.

      How A Vinyl Wrap Can Be CUSTOMIZED?
      What is it that you want to achieve with a vinyl wrap? Are you trying to incorporate a color, a design, or a marketing image? Whatever it is, you can talk to us at Right Choice Auto Glass & Tint with confidence knowing that we can offer you the necessary customizations. Consider some of the ways that you can customize your wrap:
      • Logos and other graphics
      • Colors
      • Color fades
      • Text
      You can decide that you want vinyl on every inch of the exterior. You may also decide that you want a single door, a stripe down the side, or in any other combination. We’ll give you the chance to explore all that we’ve done to serve as inspiration for your own vehicle.
      The Benefits Of A Vinyl Wrap

      You’ll find that there are a number of benefits to a vinyl wrap. Not only are you able to get a custom look for your ride, but the vinyl also services as a protective layer. Chips and dings from road debris won’t cut into the paint – it will cut into the vinyl instead.

      Resale value is something you will want to consider. Vinyl isn’t going to impact the paint job. If you are leasing your car but want a custom look, vinyl is the best option for you. Even if you own your car, you can add a custom look – and then peel it off when you’re ready to sell it. You’ll likely get a premium for it since there won’t be any scratches.

      Other benefits include being able to have a one-of-a-kind vehicle on the road. You’ll always find it in the parking lots. Plus, if you’re a business, you can add some marketing details so it serves as a moving billboard for you.

      Our Vinyl Wrapping Process

      Vehicle wrapping is a science of sorts to ensure it is capable of holding up over time. You don’t want to wrap your car only to see it peeling off within days. At Right Choice Auto Glass & Tint, we take a multi-step approach to give you phenomenal results.

      It all starts with the design. What do you want? Once you know that, it’s easier to make the vinyl cuts, choose the colors, and establish the layout.

      From there, we clean and prep the car. After all, we don’t want any dirt or grime embedded in the clear coat to poke through the vinyl Additionally, a clean car will ensure that the vinyl adheres well.

      We’ll apply the vinyl wrap, cut away any extras, and tuck the edges to give you the seamless look that you want. Then, we’ll heat the wrap to ensure that it is fully set.

      Once it’s all done, we’ll hand it over for you to inspect and go over the maintenance details so you know how to care for it.

      How Right Choice Can Help

      Any time you have work done on your vehicle, you want to know that it’s being done right. At Right Choice Auto Glass & Tint, we’re a family-owned and operated business with over two decades of experience. We offer an array of services to enhance the aesthetics of your vehicle – and vinyl wrapping is one of our most popular services.

      A vehicle vinyl wrap is all about giving you what you want and customizing it to the make and model that you have. We’ll provide a consultation to talk to you about what you want and give you a custom quote.

      We have the experience and quality to ensure you love the final product. We’ve got plenty of before and after pictures to show you what we’ve done in the past. Plus, we’ll be happy to recommend designs if you’re not sure of what you want.

      When you’re ready to talk about a vinyl wrap for your car, truck, or SUV, contact us, or fill out the quote form online.