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Paint protection film

Protect your Investment and Preserve your Style with a Clear Bra!

Don’t lose your car’s beautiful paint job to the elements!

What is a Clear Bra?

Clear bra is another term for Paint protection film, or PPF, which is an invisible protection for your car. It helps to shield the paint from the elements to help your vehicle look shiny and new for years to come.

Right Choice specializes in expert installations, and because we know how important your car is to you, we insist on top-performing STEK Paint protection films for you. Whether you’re a car show enthusiast, a collector, or someone who knows how to maintain their vehicle, a clear bra is a necessary step in keeping your car looking its best.

PPF wrap has been used for cars for more than six decades. Originally developed for the military, its use now is in the garages of the smartest car owners.

Paint protection film applied to gorgeous vehicle
Classic car with Paint protection film

Why have a Paint protection film installed?

The film provides a physical barrier and shield from everything from UV rays to acid rain, gravel, and more.

When installed correctly, it works to protect the car’s paint from rocks, chips, or other debris. It does this by creating an additional layer between the car and the outside with a thin, transparent film.

For those car owners who are meticulous about their car care, a clear bra is a must have. It works especially well with darker paint colors on cars, as those are notoriously susceptible to scratches. While darker cars look amazing and sleek, they also show nicks in the paint much easier.

A clear bra is a must-have for cars of any color, and especially important for dark colored cars.

Protect the internal metal

The benefits of a Paint protection film are also more than surface level. The protective film barrier shields the top layer of the whole car. This means that the metal underneath the paint, and the metal parts working under it have an additional layer of protection.

The clear bra keeps moisture off of the paint. Dry paint means dry metal, which is metal that won’t rust or corrode. If you are serious about taking care of your car, you will know how important it is that all of the metal is in its best condition. As well as looking better, it means that the car functions better, too.

Clear Bra being applied to a BMW
Right Choice Auto Glass & Tint of Centennial

Increase the resale value of your car or truck

For many people, their cars are one of their biggest investments. Cars are an investment in time and money and a clear bra helps to protect this investment. Think of all the time spent driving in the car, as well as the time spent at the pump. There is also a time investment of maintaining the car. From checking the tire pressure, to rotating the tires and changing the oil, there is a whole lot of time spent in taking care of the car. Furthermore, we invest time at work to be able to pay for insurance and everything the car needs.

The installation of a clear bra is one step to take to help you to protect your car. It will help the paint job look fresh and new. Your car will look like you just drove it off the lot, and the shiny exterior will certainly turn heads and help you to gain your neighbor’s approval.

A car that looks good on the outside and is well-maintained is also worth a lot more. Show how you value your car and yourself by keeping your car in its best condition. You may choose to sell the car at one point in time, and the Clear Bra is an “insurance policy” in helping you get the best price.


Our experts make installation fast and easy. The film will be applied smoothly and there will be no bubbles so it looks seamless. After the installation, the film is virtually invisible, and shows off your car’s beautiful paint.

If you need to replace the film for any reason, it is simple to do. The paint will not be affected and your car will stay looking as good as new!

Discuss with our experts where you want the film placed. Many car owners choose to install the clear film on the front and rear bumpers, as these have a lot of exposure. Other common places to have it installed are the hood, doors, side mirrors, and fenders.

There is also the option to do a full car coverage! Let our technicians know what you would like and we will do a fast and flawless installation, with clear cuts and no bubbles. Expert application is crucial for this procedure.

For the ultimate PPF wrap, visit Right Choice today! Call ahead for an appointment or stop by our store location.

Paint protection film being sealed to a vehicle