Protect your Investment and Preserve your Style with a Clear Bra!

Don’t lose your car’s beautiful paint job to the elements!


Protect your Investment and Preserve your Style with a Clear Bra!

Don’t lose your car’s beautiful paint job to the elements!

    Window Replacement Needed:


    Auto ceramic coating to protect your vehicle finish in Centennial, Colorado!

    Snow, bugs, dirt on the roads, and more can have a negative impact on the protective coating of your vehicle.

      Window Replacement Needed:

      What is a Ceramic Coating?

      Ceramic coating is a chemical bond that protects your vehicle from external paint damage. Essentially, a chemical polymer solution is applied by hand to the full exterior of your vehicle. It doesn’t impact the color of the vehicle – it simply creates a new, added layer of protection above the clear coat that’s already in place.

      While there are many ways for you to protect the appearance of your vehicle, the ceramic coating process is one of the best. You can think of it as an alternative to waxing.

      There are quite a few benefits of ceramic coating. It will prevent:

      • Dirt from accumulating
      • Grime building up
      • Stain marks showing up

      There’s also another benefit of ceramic coating – the stunning gloss. It adds depth to the paint on your car, truck, or SUV. The glossy appearance will be something you can’t achieve off of the dealership floor. Instead, this service enhances the beautiful paint that you already have – and the car owners who have trusted us to complete the service are in love with the results.

      Unlike wax and other protective coatings that you can place on your vehicle, the ceramic coating is capable of withstanding the various elements – like rain and the UV rays of the summer heat. Particularly in Centennial, you’ll want to consider this paint protection so that it holds up against the snow and cold, too.

      Now, there are some things that the coating can’t do. It’s important to understand that it’s not an impenetrable barrier. It can still be scratched. It can be damaged from swirl marks (such as with an aggressive buffer), and even rock chips. Additionally, it’s not going to repel water spots or dirt. You’ll still need to take a hands-on approach when you want to get water spots – and when you want your car to be cleaned. Ideally, you’ll hand wash so that a drive-thru car wash doesn’t damage what you’ve got going on.

      The Process Of Ceramic Coating?

      The process of ceramic coating is one that takes quite a bit of time, premium materials, and extensive equipment to ensure it is done right. While there are some services that you can take the DIY approach with, a ceramic coating isn’t one of them. Having a professional perform the service really is important to ensure that it is done right.

      When you bring your car, truck, or SUV into us for a ceramic coating, there are quite a few steps that will be performed.

      First, we’ll wash the vehicle entirely. We want to make sure that there is no dirt in place that would get trapped under the coating.

      Next, we use a clay bar to remove any additional surface contamination. This includes dirt and debris that can embed itself within the clear coat.

      After that, we’ll work on applying the ceramic coating. This is done by hand to ensure that we’re able to get a full coat and provide the polish that is needed. The cure time will be at least 24 hours before it can be exposed to rain or water of any kind. Often, we’ll keep it in our shop during that time to ensure that it is properly cured before we hand it over to you.

      Once all of the coating has been applied and cured, it’s yours. Don’t worry, though. We’ll go over some of the important maintenance details to ensure that you can keep it looking its very best. After all, you just spent good money on the coating and you want that appearance for as long as possible.


      At Right Choice Auto Glass & Tint, we are a family-owned and operated company. We offer a wide array of services to ensure you get the aesthetics and protection you want from your vehicle. We have a longstanding commitment to quality and value – and you won’t find friendly service quite like ours anywhere else.

      We’ve worked on a number of makes and models. It allows us to identify the right services for the look (and protection) that you’re trying to achieve. If you’re not sure if the ceramic coating is right for your vehicle, talk to us about vinyl wraps, clear bras, and more.

      If you’re considering ceramic coating, bring your vehicle to us. Let us talk to you about the benefits, show you how it can protect the paint, and provide you with a custom estimate. When you get this done, with proper care and maintenance, it can last for up to five years – so it’s well worth the investment.

      Learn more about unbeatable paint protection in Centennial, CO today by calling us for an appointment.