What to Expect During Windshield Replacement

It’s happened to the best of us. You’re driving down the highway, minding your own business, when all of the sudden a rock comes flying through the air at space-rocket speed. It hits your window and results in an immediate spider web crack. You can’t drive like that for long, and you know getting it fixed soon is in your future. So, here’s what you can expect during windshield replacement

How the pros handle windshield replacement

When you arrive for your windshield replacement appointment, the first thing the technicians will do is to remove your windshield wipers, rearview mirror, and the rubber gasket that surrounds the window. There is a urethane seal that keeps the window in place and they’ll cut that so that they can lift the broken glass out of the space. Once that’s cut, they will remove the old glass with suction cup window holders. 

Prepping the area 

Once the old window is removed, the technician will use a razor blade to remove any polyurethane left around the perimeter of the windshield footprint. It’s important that they remove every bit they can so that the new windshield attaches seamlessly to the car. Next up is the polyurethane primer and the polyurethane adhesive that’s caulked into the space where the replacement glass will rest.  

Replacing the glass

Once the adhesive is in place, the technician will use the suction cup window holders again to lift the replacement glass into place. An average replacement windshield can weigh 30 pounds or more, so stability here is key. The next step is to allow the urethane to dry before replacing the rubber gasket that was removed. The technician will also remount your rearview mirror, windshield wipers, and other car parts removed for the process.  

Paying for the job

Many insurance companies actually cover windshield replacement. You should check your policy to see what the stipulations are for your vehicle. It might just fall under comprehensive coverage requiring you to meet your deductible first. But you could be one of the lucky ones with full replacement coverage. Do yourself a favor and check before heading to your appointment. 

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